Nanjing Underwater World Guard Tour System

Location: Nanjing Underwater World

Project Necessity

As a tourist and leisure scenic spot facing the society, Nanjing undersea world is also a public place where tourists gather highly. It is the key to ensure the reliable operation of various supporting facilities and equipment, and good public order and a safe environment are the basic guarantees for the normal operation of the undersea world.


The underwater world of electrical equipment, expensive, electricity consumption, many kinds of inflammable, once the fire accident, the impact of large, large loss, direct threat to the lives of tourists and staff. In order to create a safe and warm working environment, ensure the normal operation of fire protection and other security facilities and equipment, and ensure that there are no major public security cases, Nanjing undersea world introduced the JWM patrol management system to ensure that the entertainment facilities and equipment are run well.

Project Introduction

Meihuashan near Nanjing underwater world is located in Nanjing, is melts the popular science education, entertainment as one of the large Marine life show projects, by the Singapore investment co-operation with Zhongshan cemetery administration of Nanjing underwater world, introduce advanced technology, Australia is an education and entertainment in one of the large Marine life show.

Solve Problems

1. Through the implementation of the JWM patrol management system, the security guards timely found the daily sporadic damage of various facilities and arranged the repair. Patrol the equipment and facilities of each venue daily, remove the faults in time, and record the maintenance. According to the characteristics of different seasons, reasonable arrangement, implementation of planned maintenance.
2. Solve the problem of missing patrol, strengthen the patrol on duty, enable the patrol guards to strictly implement the patrol plan and system, and earnestly perform their duties. Through the JWM guard tour system setting, the patrol and guard force can be reasonably deployed to ensure the safe and efficient work.
3. Carry out a 24-hour patrol, make full use of the patrol system to strengthen supervision, in case of emergency, organize personnel to deal with it in time according to the emergency plan.
4. Conduct regular fire safety patrol as required, patrol every corner of the venues every day, timely find fire risks, check the intact condition of fire facilities regularly and make records.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5