Meet The “Shanhaiguan”

This tour is different from previous years. We add a project called”Guardian Angel”.During the journey, everyone has a new task to take care of the companion that they smoked. All the families showed their love for their angel, which made us deeply moved.
July 18
After six hours’ mileage, we reached Dongdaihe. That is our three-day and two-night residence. Although the journey is long and hard, with beautiful scenery, delicious food and families. Everything is worth it!
July 19
After our breakfast, we came to the “Nine Gates Great Wall.”As the saying goes, “The Great Wall is wonderful everywhere.”There are nine drainage gates under the city bridge, hence the Great Wall is called “Nine Gates Great Wall.”
July 20
We came to the last stop – Shanhaiguan. Appreciate the ancient Ming and Qing customs. Understand the vigorous border rhyme, listen to the historical allusions of “a red face in a rage at the crown”. Feel the fire and smoke of the Pingjin Campaign.

I like it here. How about you?