Guard Tour System - Liaoning Province Federation of Trade Unions

Location: Guangdong Jiangmen Jindi Property Management Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. Signing tools are easy to be damaged and need to be replaced regularly, with the high cost and complicated operation process;
2. Excessively rely on patrol personnel’s sense of responsibility, work execution is arbitrary, difficult to monitor and performance evaluation, and prone to fraud;
3. The failure to give immediate notice in case of emergencies leads to safety risks and accidents. 

Project Introduction

To strengthen the safety management of the office building of Liaoning federation of trade unions, as well as the management of the patrol situation of the security personnel, JWM according to its needs, developed its RFID guard tour patrol system. Through this set of system, the security personnel can patrol the office area in the office building and the surrounding area of the office building according to the prescribed patrol management method, to find hidden danger and solve it in time. In the process of patrol, security personnel carry RFID guard patrol tour reader, and collect patrol information through scanning and reading patrol checkpoints, and automatically or manually report patrol information, which will be sent to the management center through GPRS. This way of inspection can greatly strengthen the safety work of the Liaoning federation of trade unions and effectively supervise and manage the patrol work of security guard.

Solve Problems

1. The guard tour systemuses induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, good protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed. No need for full-time maintenance, reduce the use cost;
2. Management personnel manage the backgroundguard tour software, make patrol plan, define patrol route, patrol personnel, and other functions. Realize the uniform management of personnel inside and outside the office building, greatly improve patrol efficiency. Through unified management of data, reduce the waste of time caused by manual data sorting and eliminate data fraud;
3. Guard alarm systems. When security personnel finds an emergency during patrol, they can press the one-button alarm function.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5