Liaoning Province Expressway service area security patrol case

Brief introduction

Liaoning Province Expressway Development Group was founded in 1993. It has 24 subsidiaries and They manage 68 service station for expressway.


1. Application equipment: Guard tour system WM-5000V5
2. The Service stations appear double at two sides of Expressway. Each service station needs one set guard tour system. There are about 10 important places need to be check in one service station. Such as Gas station, dining room, working area, lavatory, repair depot, mini-supermarket and so on. There are 15 guards for one service station.
3. Each service station needs to be checked six times every day. The leader of guards need to check the two service stations four times every day.


1. Put an end to the security guard cannot be scientific, accurate assessment of the phenomenon, effectively supervise the daily patrol work, the patrol personnel management is implemented;
2. It is effective to deal with kinds of emergencies and improve work efficiency highly.
3. The patrolling of important place, that reduce the incidence of crime and the loss of property.