Lakeside International Hotel Guard Patrol System

Location: Lakeside international hotel

Project Necessity

With the upgrading of consumption, the rise of mid-range hotels and the recession of the economic environment, security problems occur frequently, and the occupancy rate and profit of budget hotels generally show a downward trend.


Hubin international hotel, in order to ensure the hotel service staff to patrol the hotel 24 hours, JWM according to the characteristics of the hotel needs, to provide services to the location, security risks and monitoring blind spots installation patrol point. Through the background software to set up the patrol plan, the security guards in charge of patrol hand-held patrol more machine, according to the designated time to the designated position after scanning patrol more point, patrol more opportunity to automatically record the location name and arrival time, so that the security work can be recorded and assessment management, realize 24 hours of uninterrupted patrol.

Solve Problems

  1. To deal with the problems of old, aging and breakage of facilities and equipment through patrol, so as to reduce potential safety hazards.
  2. To solve the problems of imperfect functions of facilities and equipment and irregular service items in some regions in time.
  3. Improve internal management chaos, provide standardized professional services, so that guests feel the “star” service.
  4. Strict patrol plan can make the mental state of service personnel and management personnel on-the-job significantly better, and enhance service personnel’s active and enthusiastic service attitude.
  5. Reasonable deployment of patrol plans according to banquet conditions to ensure the smooth progress of large-scale meetings.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4