Kailai Cactus Resort Sanya Guard Patrol System

Project Necessity

With the upgrading of consumption, the rise of mid-range hotels and the recession of the economic environment, security problems occur frequently, and the occupancy rate and profit of budget hotels generally show a downward trend.


JWM patrol management system is designed to identify problems through patrol and eliminate potential safety hazards. patrol plan is set up by backstage software. The staff is responsible for patroling hold the security guards and scan the checkpoint after arriving at the designated position at the designated time. The security guards will automatically record the name of the place and the arrival time so that the security guards can record and assess the work of the security guards.

Project Introduction

Sanya Kelley Cactus Resort is located between the green hills and the blue sea with its unique Mexican architectural decoration style. It has all kinds of well-designed guest rooms. It can enjoy the green tropical mountain scenery, the winding garden scenery, the pool scenery of small bridges and flowing water or the magnificent sea scenery. It can experience different styles in the subtropical region. And charm. In addition, there are lakeside restaurants, cafes, large banquet halls and many different types of conference rooms as well as fitness and recreation facilities.

Solve Problems

1. To reduce the potential safety hazards by dealing with the old and damaged facilities and equipment through patrol.
2. To solve the problems of inadequate functions of facilities and equipment and irregular service items in some regions in time.
3. Improve internal management chaos, so that guests feel different security experience.
4. Strict patrol plan can make the mental state of service personnel and management personnel on-the-job significantly better, and enhance service personnel’s active and enthusiastic service attitude.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5