JWM in Shenzhen KingKey Financial Center

Application Model: WM-5000ES
Quantity: 200 sets
Use Company: JWM in Shenzhen KingKey Financial Center
Project Name: WM-5000ES Guard Tour System


With the development and progress of society, the management work becomes more scientific and digital than ever. Many accidents are caused by workers careless. As for those kinds of matters, JWM offered the great solution for Shenzhen KingKey Financial Center.

Application Solution

1. The guards use the reader to patrol on the routes and checkpoints which has been already set. If guards have any problems during patrolling, they can contact with management center anytime.
2. After patrolling, the department manager checks the records on Guard Tour System. If there have missed or other urgent problems, the manager could resolve the problems according to the company policy.

Solve Problems

1. JWM Guard Tour System solve the problem which can’t be solved on time.
2. JWM Guard Tour System is more scientific and effective than traditional patrol.
3. JWM Guard Tour System urge the guard’s patrol on time and ensure the product’s sales with a high quality.

Project Introduction

Shenzhen KingKey Financial Center is located on Shennan East Road and within Caiwuwei, an area often described as the financial district of Shenzhen. It belongs to Shenzhens Luohu District and is situated east of Lizhi Park, approximately one kilometer north of the border between mainland China and Hong Kong.
The mixed-use building rises 441.8 meters (1,449 ft.) and contains 100 floors for office space and a hotel. Out of those 100 floors, 68 are used for 173,000 square meters (1,862,157 sq. ft.) of Class A office space, 22 stories for a 35,000 square meters (376,737 sq. ft.) six-star business hotel and the top four floors of the skyscraper hold a garden and several restaurants. Adjacent to KK100 is the KK Mall, which opened its doors November 26, 2010, and contains luxury brand stores, restaurants, and a supermarket. The KK Mall also hosts Shenzhen’s first IMAX cinema.