Upgrade to JWM Guard Tour System: Your pathway to smarter, safer, and more accountable security operations.

Comprehensive Functions

cloud management software, preset patrol schedule, monitor security guard in real-time, view security patrol tracks, record abnormal events, and analyze data.

Diversified Patrol Reader

equipment types include basic, real-time, GPS, APP, and Meet the diverse needs of customers for product upgrade iterations.

Tailored Security Solutions

Customizable to Your Needs: The JWM guard tour system adapts to meet the unique requirements of each client, offering scalable solutions for specialized demands.

Flexible Patrol Solutions for Every Need

Our system supports multiple clock-in methods including NFC, QR codes, GPS, and Bluetooth tags, ensuring flexibility and precision in every patrol route. Tailor your security practices to meet specific contract requirements and empower your team with seamless, real-time tracking and reporting. Opt for a smarter way to secure and monitor your premises—choose our versatile and reliable solution.

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Boost Your Operational Efficiency

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Meet Your Security Needs Today

We offer the most appropriate security guard tour systems for users around the world. For guard managing, reporting, and tracking. Any problem, contact us!

Basic Guard Tour Reader

It does not depend on the network and is suitable for places with complex network environments.

Real Time Guard Tour Reader

Real-time feedback information is convenient for managers to grasp the patrol situation in real time.

Wepatrol APP

Perform patrol tasks anytime, anywhere, suitable for occasions that require high efficiency.

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    Hilton Hotel Guard Solution

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