Wanda Group Guard Solution


Wanda Group has experienced ups and downs for nearly 30 years since its establishment. It has a business empire of nearly 700 billion yuan with a debt of 1 million yuan and a business empire of nearly 700 billion yuan. However, to become a first-class enterprise, safety management is an essential link.

Wanda Group is the largest real estate enterprise in the world. As of August 2016, it has opened 147 Wanda Plaza and 96 hotels in China. In 2015, Wanda Commerce began to transform into a light asset model, marking the development of Wanda Commerce into a brand new stage of profit. In order to ensure the safe operation of local companies, the group headquarters requires patrol personnel to perform strict patrol tasks and achieve the goal of standardized centralized management in the headquarters. JWM guard patrol system provides strong security service support for Wanda Group and solves the security management problem of the business empire with hundred billion assets.

Wanda Plaza

Wanda Group pays more and more attention to safety management. Considering the safety experience of customers and the security needs of its own enterprises, Wanda Group introduces JWM guard tour patrol system. JWM guard tour management system enables patrol personnel to record patrol information in real-time through patrol aircraft. Backstage guard tour software can be integrated and summarized to headquarters through networking. Headquarters platform can collect patrol data of local companies throughout the country and display it through electronic reports. It is clear to personnel performance appraisal. The scientific assessment management has been realized.

1. Solve the problem of missing patrols, strengthen duty, strictly implement patrol plans and systems, earnestly perform duties, increase patrol frequency, ensure 24-hour unimpeded contact, rationally allocate manpower and material resources, and ensure information unimpeded.
2. Strengthen the safety and security of local companies and the investigation of hidden dangers. In the event of accidents or emergencies, it can ensure that timely reports and emergency plans are properly handled in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures, and the losses caused by accidents and disasters are minimized.
3. Instead of the traditional form of check-in, B/S version of guard tour management software is used to achieve the unified management and maintenance of data. Headquarters and local companies can view patrol data at any time according to their authority, achieve the purpose of centralized management, and form report forms, so as to make the data available.