Jilin City Manchu Museum Guard Tour System

Location: Jilin City Manchu Museum

Project Necessity

1. The museum is closed, and the security guards search is not in place, leaving tourists or illegal elements, often missing patrol.
2. The museum buildings are old and mostly made of wood, which is easy to cause a fire.
3. In order to supervise the security guards’ patrol, the management staff need to stay at the museum and wait.


The manager installs the wireless patrol point in the place where the patrol point is needed and sets the location name, security guards and time through the JWM patrol system software. Security guards handheld patrol machine to the designated patrol location induction patrol point, patrolling machine automatically records the name of the place and time of arrival, after the watchman, security guards patrolling machine through the USB to transmit data to management center, managers can install through cloud patrolling system of mobile phone or computer to view patrolling.

Project Introduction

Jilin Manchu museum is located in the boat camp area of Jilin city, with a construction area of 1900 square meters. The museum is located in the old site of wang Beichuan residence. Using the north-south axis layout, sitting north and south. The height and span of the house are larger, grinding brick to seam, carved beams and painted columns.

Solve Problems

1. It realizes that managers can also check the patrol records in other places and take over the freedom of managers.
2. The patrol information is recorded in the cloud patrol system, which is not afraid of the loss of patrol data.
3. Patrol points should be spread over all key positions and easily ignored positions to avoid missing patrol.
4. Set up the patrol schedule to ensure the security guards to patrol on time.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S