It’s Time to Choose A Suitable Guard Tour System

One of the enemies of good security is the complicated reports, papers, and workload of the guards during their rounds. Without a surveillance system, officers tend to focus so much on the station that they no longer notice their surroundings.

With JWM guard tour system, you can give your customers real security and show them that your officers provide excellent service. JWM Security Guard Tour System is simple, affordable, and comprehensive, including Guard Tour Tracking and Mobile Reporting App.

Our high-quality Guard Tour System is used by many institutions to improve security management and guard monitoring. It is effective in ensuring that adequate security checks are recorded every time a watch tour is carried out. The Guard Tour system is also useful for scanning certain checkpoints and areas where guards are supposed to patrol.

Security Guard Tour System tracks the tours and patrols of your officers in real-time using checkpoint tag scanning and GPS triangulation. Guard tour software systems seem to have become the norm for tracking tour officers. Users prove that they have visited a specific location and completed tasks by scanning tags and creating a map.

This technology leads to lower costs and increased flexibility for the system to cope with changes and new applications. Like sending real-time data to the software when GPS is in tracking mode.

By tracking security patrols, you can give your customers real security and show them that your patrol officers are working as expected with a comprehensive system of security patrols with patrol tracking and incident reporting. In this way, you can provide your customers with accurate real-time information if required. Security Guard Tour System features geo-tagged and timed events, checkpoints, daily activities, and recorded incident reports.

The Guard Tour Patrol System is a system that logs the rounds of employees in a variety of situations, such as security guards patrolling the property, technicians monitoring the air-conditioned environment, and correctional officers who control the residential areas of prisoners.