Intelligent Security Monitoring System Solutions

security monitoring systemWith the deepening of the information construction, more and more users have accelerated the construction of the information network platform, security prevention more and more attention, security monitoring system for users to play a positive role in security.

By relying on the video monitoring systems, intelligent analysis, alarm systems, and other subsystems and the system linkage between them, the system can provide users with monitoring information of abnormal events in a timely manner, and turn passive monitoring into active monitoring, so as to prevent problems before they occur.

The establishment of an enterprise-class security platform can fully meet the needs of enterprise security system construction and realize the integration of access control, guard tour system, alarm, and other subsystems. IP video monitoring system is the most advanced architecture of current network video monitoring, and it is the development direction of network video monitoring in the future. Other network monitoring modes will gradually transition to the all-IP mode, which is the cornerstone of the high-def video monitoring system with high-cost performance.

It shall be compatible with front-end image equipment, including digital image equipment such as hard disk recorder, video server, and network camera. Can realize a variety of modes of image acquisition, compression, display, alarm linkage, control, remote storage and playback, remote management; Compatible digital image equipment should include the domestic mainstream brand of digital image equipment, front-end equipment compatibility should be open and secure compatibility, and finally achieve security information network connectivity, information resources sharing, strong security guarantee.

Enterprise security platform monitoring system overall structure integration video monitoring subsystem, entrance guard electronic patrol system, alarm subsystem, intelligent analysis subsystem and so on information resources, combined with GIS system and mobile terminal services, in a unified network architecture and integrated application of sharing platform to realize all kinds of business functions, with existing video image information system integration, reflect the integrity of the enterprise security platform and improve the sharing degree of the system.

Enterprise security system is a set of “integration”, “digital” and “intelligent” enterprise security management platform, integrated monitoring, entrance guard, guard patrolling alarm system, and the intelligent analysis, enterprise application platform subsystem, realize a unified management platform of multiple subsystems and the linkage between each other, make the whole security system truly achieve the “integration, intelligent management, strengthen the enterprise security management effect.

Integration means that the enterprise-level security platform should be a multi-system integration, that is, the high integration of monitoring system, alarm system, access control system, GIS/GPS system and command system, giving full play to the power of science and technology to improve the level of public security management.

Use efficient video codec compression techniques (such as MPEG-4, h. 264), can be on the existing each kind of digital transmission network with very low bandwidth to realize long-distance image transmission, and can be realized through the combination of computer technology and flexible, rich and wide range of multimedia applications, the image of the watch can use various means such as computer, monitor, and finally realizes the HD video monitoring system.

Refers to the enterprise security platform based on network transmission and digital processing, with the integration and integration of various functions and applications as the core, to achieve the simple image monitoring to alarm linkage, GIS, GPS, streaming media, image recognition, and motion detection and other application fields of extensive expansion and extension.