Improve Campus Security via Guard Tour System

However, due to human nature, there will always be guards trying to work lazily. When this happens, it usually leaves a loophole in the campus safety net. Therefore, there is a need to record security patrols.

Traditional watchman clocks mainly record date, time, and location. A more advanced electronic guard tour system will also store task information, and campus management can learn what happened when guards patrolled.

Watchman clock usually uses mechanical clockwork clocks with hard keys inserted and rotated. When the key is turned, a time stamp is impressed on a large roll of time-calibrated paper.

The hard keys in this type of guard tour system are typically positioned at important locations throughout a campus complex. At the end of each day, this paper roll is removed, dated and stored for future review.

The problem with old watchman clock is that the guard can go out and buy a key that matches the key on-site, he can stay at home with his clock and insert the duplicate key when appropriate. Such lazy working methods will cause great hidden dangers to campus safety

But with the advent of electronic guard tour systems, the days of guard tour fakery are just about over.

The guard carries a patrol wand instead of a clock, and a guard ID with a unique serial number, which cannot be replaced by anything else. Because the system uses a computer clock to run, the guards must physically visit each checkpoint in a predetermined order so that the system can correctly record them in the management software. This almost eliminates any possibility of human manipulation. Compared with the watchman clock, the guard tour system has many obvious advantages, which is more environmentally friendly, more convenient and more cost-effective.

The patrol system is mainly composed of patrol wand, checkpoint, and management software. The patrol wand can read and store the location information, time information, and events of the patrol location through multiple technologies (touch, RFID, GPS, etc.).

The purpose of the guard patrol system is to transfer the data stored in the patrol stick to the computer. After downloading and storing these data, you can use it for purpose analysis and generate specific types of reports for campus administrators.

Guard tour system is a comprehensive and modern tool. With the help of the guard patrol system, campus safety can be improved all the time.