Guard Tour System - Huobian Cunty Border Patrol Project

Location: Huobian Cunty Border Patrol Project

Project Necessity

  • 1. The border patrol personnel cannot timely communicate emergencies during patrol time.
  • 2. The data can only be uploaded to the management center through the data line after the general guard patrol reader completes the patrol, and the management center cannot receive it at the first time.
  • 3. Normal guard patrol reader is damaged due to low outdoor temperature or falling during border patrol.


As generations of farming as the main business of Huobianwu village villagers, the earth mother brought them too much inexhaustible, inexhaustible natural resources. Autumn is the season of harvest, but at the same time, in the autumn of dry matter, slightly do not pay attention to, a small Mars could spark set the prairie ablaze, in order to reduce the probability of fire and other natural disasters to as low as possible, Mr. Edge county border patrol department to purchase a batch of JWM electronic guard tour patrol system, found that disaster, inform, reduce the loss to minimum. 

Project Introduction

First, install the checkpoint on the route or equipment in the patrol operation area, log in the electronic patrol system, set the ID number of the patrol point to “name of actual patrol location” in combination with the actual patrol management requirements, and set the corresponding patrol time (patrol plan) through the system software. Then the knight 4 real-time guard tour system patrol reader distribution to the hands of patrol personnel, patrol personnel hand guard tour system patrol reader to the designated patrol location, guard tour system patrol reader to sense the checkpoint, patrol opportunity automatically record the name of the location and the time of arrival, at the same time through GPRS network real-time patrol information sent to the electronic patrol system. Managers can through the computer, mobile phone, micro reliance when the view patrol personnel detailed patrol data.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Solved the problem that the border patrol personnel could not communicate with each other timely.
  • 2. Solved the problem that the general guard tour patrol reader could not upload data in real time.
  • 3. Solved the damage caused by the low outdoor temperature or falling of the common guard tour patrol reader during border patrol.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L4D