Hunan Gold Cup Electrician of Guard Patrol System Application

Location: Hunan Gold Cup Electrician Hengyang Cable Co., LTD

Project Necessity

In recent years, cable accidents are frequent, and the hidden safety risks are enough to threaten people’s lives. However, the tour inside the cable company is also not to be ignored. The installation of the switch cover on the individual switchboard is not in place or the protective door of the switchboard is not closed in time may cause a series of power and cause a major fire. For this reason, Gold Cup Electrician introduced JWM guard tour patrol management system, which set patrol plan according to the power plant shift, equipment regular rotation and circuit patrol system. Through this set of system, the patrol personnel should check the hidden trouble areas such as electric switch, protective door of distribution cabinet according to the system. The phenomenon of leakage and error patrol is reduced, and the scientific safety patrol management is realized.


Hunan Gold Cup Electrician Hengyang Cable Co., LTD founded in 1952, is the largest manufacturer of wire and cable in south central China. The product quality of the company has reached the advanced level of the industry, in which the plastic insulated wire has won the national industry product quality silver award, “gold cup” brand wire and cable is a famous brand product in Hunan province. JWM guard tour system for Hunan Gold Cup company to provide a strong security support.

Project Introduction

Hunan Gold Cup Electrical Hengyang Cable Co., LTD application of JWM guard tour patrol management system. Through the patrol system software to develop in line with the cable factory safety management regulations of the patrol plan, each person according to the schedule patrol, fingerprint identification function to ensure that each patrol personnel is to complete the patrol, avoid the generation of patrol, to ensure the quality of the patrol. In the places that need to be patrolled, such as fire fighting facilities, power area and near the safety passage, increase the density of the distribution points, so as to make the patrol more rigorous, and strive to find and solve safety hidden dangers in time. X-Guard Fingerprint Guard Tour System Reader has the function of counting steps, which can assess the work of patrol personnel, mobilize the enthusiasm of patrol personnel, timely ask strangers found in the factory, avoid people without safety training to enter the factory at will, and violate the operation and cause danger. Equipped with lighting function, night patrol personnel do not need to wear a flashlight.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Security personnel use guard tour patrol system software to make patrol plans, which are more rigorous and scientific.
  • 2. Solve the problem of replacing patrol, so that each patrol staff has a good working state.
  • 3. Strengthen patrol on key positions in the factory to ensure safety.
  • 4. The step counting function of X-Guard Fingerprint Guard Tour System Reader can arouse the enthusiasm of guard to avoid counterfeiting.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000X1