Hunan Blue Sky Property Guard Tour Solution

Location: Hunan Blue Sky Propertygement Co., LTD

Project Necessity

1. Blue Sky Property hopes to create a warm, comfortable, clean and safe working and living environment for the owners and users through scientific management and honest attitude. Whether in residential, non-residential or public properties, security management is always the core of property management, and patrol is the main content of security work.
2. However, the traditional patrol management did not have a practical effect. The security guards tamed the patrol records by hand, often lazy and did not patrol according to the patrol system; the fire and the circuit did not promptly carry out maintenance and maintenance and other security risks, which caused a lot of trouble of safety management for the owners.
3. Blue Sky Property organizes high-level administrators to go to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and various provinces, states, cities and other places to study and inspect. After a period of research and trial use, they finally choose JWM guard tour management system. The system provides scientific management of the guards. Through the electronic processing of the patrol data, the patrol situation can be seen at a glance, which not only improves the patrol efficiency, but also eliminates laziness and violation of discipline, and protects all kinds of equipment, facilities and property. Give the owners safe and comfortable living space.

Solve Problems

1. The system adopts induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, good protection for the card, not easy to be destroyed, low maintenance cost, suitable for long-term use;
2. For public security, the fire situation shall be fully monitored for 24 hours. Once an abnormality occurs, it may be disposed of according to the emergency plan in time;
3. Patrol as required can ensure that patrols such as fire-fighting facilities, elevator rooms, pump rooms, power distribution rooms, telephone rooms, water tanks, warehouses, finances, offices, etc. are patrolled in place. Once the facilities are found damaged, the fire safety passages are blocked and the elevators are lifted. If the abnormal situation is closed, it can be disposed of in time;
4. The patrol records can be uploaded to the computer and the patrol statistics and patrol information are established. The accidents and hidden dangers that may occur should be investigated and eliminated in the bud.

Product Introduction