How to Protect Public Safety During the American Riots?

US riots have further intensified as violent clashes have erupted. The riots are not solely in New York and Washington. Across the country, communities are reeling. Only one night alone: Four officers were shot and wounded in St. Louis and one in Las Vegas was critically wounded, fires tore through a looted strip mall in a Los Angeles neighborhood. For days, rioters have been on a spree of looting, arson and attacks on law enforcement and innocent bystanders. They are emboldened, and increasingly lawless. They have gone after local shops and global chains in wealthy neighborhoods such as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Soho in New York, and Buckhead in Atlanta which caused a lot of property damage. These riots have become a national-level threat to the safety and security of the American people.

In the short term, the riots will not end, and the panic will continue in the public. So, how to  keep the public safe and reduce property damage? The best way is to go on patrol. When patrols are conducted, security can spot the rioters in time and to do something about it. JWM patrol system can do it well.

In JWM patrol, products can be divided into three categories: real time guard tour system, basic guard tour system and Wepatrol APP. The real time guard system is a better choose. These products can send data in real time. When a security guard feels that something is in danger, he can use the device directly to send a distress signal, such as WM-5000P5+.  If security personnel touch the button on the right for 3 seconds, the device will send an alarm message to the system. At this time, the headquarters can take measures, in time to stop the riot, and reduce the damage to property. Other than that, this device, which has GPS tracking capabilities, can see the guards’ movements through system when they start a patrol.