How to manage nurse rounds effectively?

Nursing ward round is an important measure to ensure the quality of nursing. Nursing record is one of the bases to check the quality of nursing and ensure patients to get high-quality nursing. In some special cases, it can also become legal evidence. Effective records can be used to demonstrate the quality of care of the patient during quality of care examinations and case discussions. Therefore, the quality of nursing ward round records can reflect the quality of patient care of a nursing unit, reflect the overall nursing level of the nursing unit, and also be the basis for implementing standardized nursing quality control.

As nursing patients to observe the condition and effect, develop the basis of nursing measures, as the data of nursing research. More importantly, it can be used as valuable information for quality control and continuous improvement of nursing quality. Nursing ward round is one of the most basic, commonly used and main methods to evaluate the implementation effect of nursing procedures and understand the nature of nurses’ work in nursing management.

Night ward round is an important work of nursing quality and also a difficult point of nursing management. In order to ensure that nurses can go to the ward round on time, timely understanding of the patient information to reduce the medical accident caused by not checking, missing checking, in the current doctor-patient relationship under the high tension, the use of the nurse ward round management system is timely and necessary.

Combined with the current problems in the management of nurse rounds, the r&d staff of JWM went into the hospital and combined with the actual management situation every day. Find the pain and difficulty of nurse ward round management, through the combination of customized development software and  patrol reader wm-5000L5, develop “nurse ward round management system” for the medical system, solve the problem that nurse ward round management cannot be quantified from the root. By linking the data of house rounds with the performance appraisal, a well documented performance appraisal is really formed. At the same time, it greatly improves the doctor-patient relationship and the satisfaction of patients.