How to Keep Security Guards Awake When on Duty at Night?

You put a lot of trust in your security guard, especially if they are protecting your business after hours. Unfortunately, most security companies don’t provide you with any way of knowing where their guard is when you are not around. This can leave your business in a vulnerable position if the guard is sleeping on duty or leaving their post to attend to personal matters.

Here are a few ways to avoid your security guard sleep when on duty at night:

1. Intake caffeine, or mint to refresh

Ingesting the right amount of caffeine at the right time can help you get through long shifts without dozing off or being overwhelmed by sleepiness.
Don’t take caffeine immediately before the end of your shift, so you can fall asleep when you get home.
Of course, you may not want to drink coffee, latte, and other caffeinated liquids, but you still need caffeine. Try to consume mints.

2. Establish a routine, take a walk every half an hour to an hour

Establish a routine and take a walk every half an hour to an hour. If you have a colleague, take turns walking every half an hour. Walking can do a lot and can prevent you from falling asleep. It will let your blood flow.

3. Supplement enough water

Get enough liquid to retain moisture. Many nutritionists say that dehydration can cause drowsiness.

4. Using blue light bulbs in the office can prevent falling asleep

Researchers found that blue light is related to alertness. This is why sleep experts warn against using blue-ray electronic products before going to bed. Managers can install blue light bulbs on desk lamps to keep security guards alert.

5. Avoid eating junk food, eat more grains, fruits and protein

Eat some grains, fruits and protein instead of junk food and sugary things, because they will quickly depress you and affect your work status.

6. Use the guard tour system to monitor your guards

Use the guard tour system to monitor and protect your security guards. Use professional patrol management software to replace page-by-page paper reports. You can even monitor the security patrol routes. By letting the security guard know that his patrol is being monitored, he can increase his sense of responsibility and provide motivation to fight drowsiness.

7. Seek outside help and set the alarm clock

Seek outside help to avoid dozing off. Set an alarm for 10 minutes on your phone or install an app designed to keep you awake. These apps provide different ways to help you fight sleep, such as making random noises.

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