How to Choose the Right Security Guard APP?

Basic Functions of Security Guard APP

Real-time Reports

Real-time reporting is undoubtedly one of the most important features of any modern security guard management software.You can track work. Check how well your employees are completing tasks, and more with these reports. You can also view progress reports, performance reviews, attendance times and more in real-time.
If your security guard tracking app allows image uploads, your security guard can simply click on an image of an incident at the scene to send you an incident report. If a guard reports an emergency that requires immediate assistance, your team can send additional support immediately using information automatically provided by the security guard app.

Custom Reports

Security needs and workflows may vary from organization to organization. Custom reporting capabilities allow you to create reports tailored to your own or client organization’s specific requirements.
Customizing reports also improves the readability and comprehension of reports. By removing unnecessary information, reducing redundancy and adding useful information, you can make reports clearer and easier to understand. This will make it easier for your management to understand the data and analysis in the reports and make better decisions.
In addition, custom reporting enables reporting templates to be set according to an organization’s specific requirements, ensuring accuracy and consistency in reporting.

Tracking Guard

GPS tracking is another key feature you should look for in a guard patrol app, enabling managers to monitor the location of security guard in real time. GPS integration in the reporting app ensures accountability of your guards by tracking their movements throughout their shift. This tracking system keeps your guards honest by ensuring they come to work on time and conduct their patrols professionally. It allows your most reliable guards to demonstrate their worth while motivating others to improve their performance.

Panic Alert

The security guard app should have an emergency alert feature that enables security guards to send an alert to their supervisor and emergency services in the event of an emergency.

If a security incident occurs in your organization, such as sudden fire, theft or other threats, through the emergency alarm function in the guard tour software, the security guard can quickly notify the competent department and other relevant personnel, and take necessary actions in time to protect the necessary personal and property safety.

How to Choose the Security Guard APP Rightly?

Choosing the right security guard app can be a crucial decision as it can affect your organization’s security. The following are key factors to consider when selecting a security guard app:


Security guard app should meet the basic security needs of the organization. Essential coverage, real-time monitoring, reporting and logging, and emergency alerts and other functions to ensure the safe operation of the organization. The guard software should be customizable according to customer needs, such as scheduling patrol routes, creating incident reporting forms, customizing security alarm settings, etc.


Security guard app need simplicity as they are often used to coordinate and manage the work of security personnel. These personnel may include security guards, security patrols, and security managers, etc., and they need to use these applications to handle and track various security tasks and events.
Simplicity increases the usability of an application, making it easier for users to learn and use the application. This is especially important for security personnel, who may not have rigorous computer training or be unfamiliar with the technology. If the application is too complex or difficult to understand, they may not be able to use it effectively, affecting their productivity and the quality of their security efforts.

Reporting and analysis

An security guard tracking app that provides detailed reporting and analytics that will help you track the performance of your security guard.
Reporting features provide detailed information on various security tasks and events, such as when, where, who and what happened, and more. In addition, the reporting function can also generate reports such as patrol reports, incident reports, and safety risk reports, etc. These reports can be used to communicate with upper management and customers to improve the transparency and quality of security work.
The analysis function can help security managers to analyze and interpret various security data. For example, they can analyze the incidence and type of incidents in order to identify potential security risks and flaws. They can also analyze patrol routes and times in order to optimize patrol strategies and conserve resources. Analytics capabilities also help security personnel assess the effectiveness and quality of their security efforts and take necessary steps to improve.


The cost-effectiveness of guard patrol app is critical as they need to be as cost-effective as possible while providing an effective security solution.
Although there are some free security guard management software on the market, they usually provide limited functions and services, which may not meet the real needs of enterprises or individuals. Free security software usually only provides basic security features, such as alarms and monitoring, and lacks advanced features and customization options, which may not meet the specific needs of businesses or individuals.
Choosing a security guard app with good cost performance requires comprehensive consideration of various factors and an assessment based on actual needs. The final choice should be an app that is affordable, full-featured, reliable, secure, and offers quality technical support.

Why choose us?

The power, simplicity, and functionality of our software have earned us 300,000 satisfied customers. With Wepatrol, you not only save time and money. You are making your team’s life easier and helping them provide better service.

Features of Wepatrol

With powerful face recognition technology, it can effectively prevent your guards from cheating by changing their identity information.
With the help of the Wepatrol guard application, the data of each patrol of the guard can be automatically uploaded in real time, and the administrator can check the degree of the employee’s completion of the task in real time.
Administrators can set tasks to be completed at checkpoints in the management software, such as checking whether specific doors and windows are closed, whether equipment is operating normally, and whether there are potential safety hazards.
Wepatrol supports four patrol modes, namely (NFC/BLE/QR-Code/GPS). When collecting mark points, you can collect them in four ways (NFC/BLE/QR-Code/GPS). Similarly, when the guard arrives at the mark point, he will enter the corresponding inspection mode through the default parameters collected previously, and the APP will automatically Record the arrival time of the guards, which is more efficient and faster.
Wepatrol’s alarm function is used for guards to respond to emergencies in a timely manner during patrolling, and it also effectively ensures the personal safety of guards.

Work Flow

  • Install guard tour management software (management end and user end)
  • Collect site
  • Set up site locations and patrol plans (patrol shifts, routes and corresponding guards)
  • The guards start patrolling
  • The administrator queries the patrol data in real-time