How Is Implementation of Security Patrol at Night?

Night is a period of high incidence of various thefts. The focus of night security work is on patrols. However, due to the fixed nature of the patrol areas, routes, and time of some companies, as well as the paralysis of individual security guards, it is easy for criminals to grasp the law and seize loopholes, making the property security unable to be effective protection.

In view of the difficult problem of night patrol, there are the following experiences for reference:

Reasonably adjust the shift time. According to the working time and patrol focus of the company, the shift time can be appropriately advanced or delayed. On the one hand, the night patrol time can be relatively shortened, so that the security guards can fully rest and have more energy when patrolling; on the other hand, the pertinence of security duty can be increased and the work efficiency can be improved.

For some large areas, methods such as increasing the number of patrols, irregular and irregular patrols may be used. In the past, patrolling was usually limited to areas within or around the reserve, which was passive protection. If sufficient personnel are available, security guards can also be deployed to patrol outlying areas on their own initiative, to the exclusion of criminals.

Implement the patrol time attendance method. In the company’s key prevention and control areas and patrol routes, a guard patrol system is adopted, the time and number of patrols are specified through management software, and security personnel is required to hold a patrol stick to scan location tags in specific areas. In this way, the work results of the security guards are supervised and evaluated, and the phenomenon of patrolling security personnel cheating and cheating and “walking around” is eliminated, thereby indirectly reducing the possibility of cases. Before starting night patrols, they need to make sure that they carry the necessary weapons to protect themselves when dealing with the security situation. Now some guards patrol equipment, it also has the function of a flashlight. Such as, WM-5000V4S, WM-5000V8; It also provides some special functions for the personal safety of the security guards, such as man down, SOS, the representative device such as WM-5000K, when the security guards accidentally fall or a safety accident occurs, the equipment will automatically send a distress signal to the management center. When the management personnel sees the signal, they will act as soon as possible to ensure the safety of security personnel and property.

Security services involve all walks of life, especially communities, office buildings, financial companies, factories, large shopping malls and other areas with complex night security conditions. In addition to strengthening the sense of responsibility of security, patrol methods should be arranged flexibly according to the specific working environment, taking into account many factors. When necessary, reform and innovation are needed to make security work more intelligent.