How Do Owners of Vending Machines Prevent Theft by Employees?

According to some media reports and surveys, employee theft is not uncommon in American vending machine businesses. Some surveys have shown that the retail industry is one of the highest risk industries for employee theft cases, and the vending machine industry may also have similar situations.
According to a 2020 report by the National Retail Federation, the average loss rate for US retailers is 1.62%, which includes factors such as employee theft and other types of theft. The report points out that employee theft is one of the biggest threats faced by retailers.
A report released by a vending machine manufacturer in 2021 stated that in a survey of vending machine operators worldwide, over 50% of respondents reported having experienced internal theft incidents. Additionally, the report stated that the average loss rate for US vending machine owners is 1.7%, with employee theft accounting for 25% of the total losses.
These data indicate that employee theft is one of the security risks faced by vending machine owners and may lead to significant economic losses. Therefore, owners need to take measures to prevent and reduce the occurrence of employee theft.

How to Prevent Theft by Employees?

Owners of vending machines can take various measures to prevent employee theft, including the following aspects:

Background check

Prior to hiring employees to service vending machines, owners can conduct background checks to ensure they have no criminal records.

Implement access control

Owners can restrict access to vending machines by only providing keys or codes to authorized employees. Vending Machine Lock control systems can enhance the physical security of vending machines and reduce the risk of internal theft. Specifically, key control systems can:
Control key distribution: Vending Machine Key control systems can ensure that only authorized employees can obtain keys to vending machines. This can prevent unauthorized employees from opening vending machines and committing theft.
Track key usage: Vending Machine Key control systems can record key usage, including which employee used the key, when the key was used, and the location of the vending machine where the key was used. This can monitor employee behavior and identify any abnormal situations in a timely manner.
Limit key usage scope: Vending Machine Key control systems can limit the range of keys that employees can use based on their job duties and permissions. This can prevent employees from abusing their privileges and committing theft.
Enhance key security: Vending Machine Key control systems can use encryption technology, smart cards, and other security measures to enhance key security and prevent key duplication or replication.

Conduct inventory checks

Owners can periodically check inventory levels to detect any discrepancies or missing items. This can promptly identify and deal with any abnormal situations. If employee theft is detected, disciplinary and legal measures should be taken immediately to ensure fair treatment.

Implement cash handling procedures

Owners can establish strict cash handling procedures, such as requiring two employees to be present when collecting cash or using electronic payment systems to eliminate cash handling.

Provide training

Through training and education, owners can improve employee loyalty and professional ethics, strengthen employee self-restraint and sense of responsibility.
By implementing these measures, vending machine owners can reduce the risk of employee theft and enhance the overall security of their operations.
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