Hotel Guard Patrol System

Solve Problem

1. Improve the scientific nature of the patrol work and advance the technology.
2. Record the patrol situation objectively and comprehensively to improve the accuracy of the patrol work.
3. Solve the problem of large amount of manpower and material resources in the traditional patrol mode.
4. Meet the diversified needs of customers and improve the scientificity and efficiency of patrol.

Introducing modern management equipment to replace traditional manual management has become a trend of social development. The guard patrol system replaces the manual management with the new technology, its application scope is broad. Through the patrol system can not only let you master the security guards patrol situation, but also can assess the staff late leave early. Although it can not bring direct economic benefits to the hotel, it ensures that the guards patrol on time, ensures the safety of the hotel, and improves the management level of the hotel.

Hotel patrol system mainly in order to ensure that security guards patrol work well, in important parts of the development of security guards tour route, and install patrol tag, to make up for the electronic monitoring system blind corner and shortcomings. Security patrol guard carrying patrol reader should arrive at the patrol point according to the specified route and time and read the patrolling point information, uploaded to the data management center. The management personnel can read and monitor the work of each security patrol guard to strengthen the management of security personnel.