Hong Kong Government Office in Beijing

Location: Hong Kong Government Office in Beijing

Project Necessity

  • 1. Staff standing outside the office cannot be guaranteed to be on duty at all times and their safety cannot be guaranteed.
  • 2. Traditional electronic patrol system to view patrol report must go to the management computer to view, very inconvenient.
  • 3. Patrol personnel often stand guard outside the patrol throughout the year, and the patrol engine is easy to be damaged by water and dust, thus increasing the repair cost.


The office of the government of the Hong Kong special administrative region in Beijing aims to further strengthen the liaison and communication between the government of the Hong Kong special administrative region, the central government and other departments in the mainland; according to current immigration policies and procedures to handle the applications for entry to Hong Kong, and to trouble in the mainland of Hong Kong residents provide focusing assistance, especially after the establishment of Beijing office, in order to better service and coordination, office nate installed JWM electronic guard tour patrol system, the focus of the system covers the whole office building area, in the protection of the interests of the residents at the same time to ensure the security of the office.

Project Introduction

First of all, according to the patrol system of the office, checkpoints should be installed in each position requiring key patrol. At the same time, checkpoints should be read by the guard tour system reader and each point. Then, the position names of each point should be noted in the electronic patrol system. When patrolling, patrol personnel only need to carry out card reading at each checkpoint by hand, deal with problems in time, and upload the data stored by guard tour system reader to the computer terminal through the data line after patrolling. The electronic patrol system will automatically draw the patrol table for the manager to see. Patrol table records the time when the patrol arrives at each point, and the missing patrol will be specially marked out. Patrol results are clear at a glance, accurate and clear.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Solved the problem that the staff standing outside the office could not be guaranteed to be on duty at all times.
  • 2. Solved the problem that the traditional electronic guard tour patrol system must check the patrol report on the management computer.
  • 3. Solved the situation that the general guard tour patrol system reader is easy to damage.
  • 4. Solved the situation that the common patrol machine has a single function and cannot be suitable for more operation areas.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S