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Guard Tour Monitoring System

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JWM Guard Tour System

JWM has been engaged in guard tour system area since 2001. We produce the guard tour system, GPS checking system and RFID guard monitoring system for customers all over the world.
  • Export abroad for 20 years: users all over the world 116 countries, solved security management problems for 300,000+ global users.
  • Product diversification: to meet your different project customization demand, and provide you with the most suitable way of patrolling.
  • Professional team: R&D, production, sales, after-sales, each team for customers to provide better service for the mission.
  • Professional certification: 89 professional certifications, 117 innovation, quality assurance, let the patrolling become no longer ordinary.

Security Guard Solutions Provider

Simple Operation

No major setting and maintenance, out-of-the-box, factory maintenance.


Query reports anytime and anywhere, diverse push and SOS alarm receiving.

More Timely Update

Most fashionable guard tour system, it can update its own.

More Scientific Reports

Diversification, prevent changes.The patrolling report clearly visible. Support PDF and Excel export.

More Security

Three-layer security protection system, for your protection against more than 90% of the attacks.

Fully Functional Schedule

Accumulate 20000 customers demand, and constantly improve the software, only to meet your needs.


RFID Guard Tour System

Ibutton Guard Tour System

Fingerprint Guard Reader

Online Guard Tour System

Android Guard Tour System

Cloud Software

Mobile Patrol APP

Flashlight Gurad Tour System


Exporting Countries
Professional Team
Professional Certification
Years of Warranty
Technology Innovation
Now, Patrol application + Cloud software supports free trial, fill out the form, and get the self-service application process immediately!
We offer the most appropriate security solutions for users around the world. For guard managing, reporting, and tracking. Any problem, contact us!