Hebei Yinan Financial Services Guard Tour Management

Location: Hebei Yinan Financial Services

Project Introduction

The security issue of self-service banking has always been the focus of public security organs. In terms of physical defense, the self-service bank’s decoration strictly enforces the security regulations of the public security department, and is equipped with a full range of real-time high-definition cameras, 110 alarm systems, detectors, and wireless modules. In terms of civil air defense, Hebei Zhangjiakou Yinan Financial Services uses the JWM GPS patrol management system to manage personnel’s 24-hour high-frequency security guard. The security guard contents include whether the self-service machine’s cash outlet is blocked, whether the equipment steals the pirate, the thief, the monitor, whether there is any flaw, the damage to the peripheral wall of the self-service equipment, whether the wall is clean and tidy, and the emergency of the monitoring center at night.

Solve Problems

1. The management center can monitor the patrol situation in real-time through the GPS trajectory, perform unified management on the patrol time control according to the situation, rationally deploy the patrolling power, clarify the patrol location, arrange the route and time, and make the time control continuously.
2. Patrol in place can ensure that patrols are carried out at self-service outlets on time, and system management and maintenance such as guard alarming system,monitoring, intercom, access control, lighting, fire protection, etc., including security information storage and handling alarms, etc., are strengthened.
3. One-button alarm function, when the patrol personnel finds an emergency situation during the patrol process, the one-button alarm function can be pressed, and the management center can immediately receive the information and immediately confirm the position of the patrol personnel, and can immediately respond accordingly.
4. Through the background software to analyze and process the patrol information, provide useful information for the patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve the problem in the bud, prevent problems before they happen.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+