Harbin Taiping International Airport Guard Tour System

Location: Harbin Taiping International Airport

Project Necessity

With the rapid development of society, more and more airport construction tends to modernization, no matter the scale or hardware has an international level. However, a modern airport should not only meet the travel requirements of passengers but also leave comfortable leisure and entertainment space for passengers. The manager should operate the airport as a shopping mall, provide the best service for passengers so as to give full play to its commercial value, so as to become a truly first-class modern airport.


In order to establish standardized service, ensure service quality and realize unified management of service personnel, Taiping international airport management personnel, through investigation and study in various airports, finally introduced the JWM patrol management system to strengthen the management of maintenance and property management personnel. The security guards will set up the patrol plan for the cleaning department and maintenance department of the airport. The patrol checkpoints are arranged in the necessary places, and the security guards carry out the patrol on time and according to the route, so as to improve the security of the airport and deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

Project Introduction

Harbin Taiping international airport is an open public place with a large flow of people, which requires the property of the airport to have a complete guarantee function and service function, which can leave a deep impression on the passengers during their short stay, and maximize the commercial value of the property of the airport. And in the airport service, terminal service is the first window of the airport, the service staff’s every word and action in the eyes of passengers.

Solve Problems

1. Induction technology and wireless communication are adopted without contact. The card has better protection and is not easy to be damaged.
2. The airport management personnel, through JWM management software, formulated the patrol plan, defined the patrol route, patrol personnel, and other functions. The airport cleaning and maintenance departments are managed in a unified way, and the supervision mechanism of personnel is established to improve the efficiency of patrol and service quality.
3. When employees are found disciplinary violations, they can take photos immediately and store them in the machine as evidence.
4. Through JWM patrol software, historical data can be quickly exported, time waste caused by manual data collation can be reduced, and data fraud can be eliminated.
5. Establish decision-making and working mode based on data analysis through statements, and provide a decision-making basis for preventive patrol.

Product Introduction

3G RFID GPS Guard Tour System with Voice Call