Haohua Yuhang Chemicals Co., Ltd Guard Tour System

Location: Haohua Yuhang Chemicals Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

With the arrival of summer, the temperature keeps rising and the rainfall is more and more, which brings many disadvantages to the normal production of chemical enterprises and also sounds the alarm for the safety production in summer. Therefore, chemical enterprises with inflammable and explosive characteristics should strengthen detailed management to ensure the safety of production and the stable operation of equipment. Therefore, maintenance personnel must improve the sense of responsibility, do a good job patrol, improve the level of operation and equipment maintenance, timely find and deal with problems.


Through the use of the JWM patrol system to strengthen the post patrol, maintenance facilities maintenance. Accurate records of security guards to reach the state, according to different requirements set different departments plan, adopts B/S version patrol management software to realize data unified management, each department patrol data can be in different status in their department will tour more data uploaded to the server, realize the unity of the managers of different department patrol situation management.

Project Introduction

The company is a tertiary subsidiary of China national chemical corporation. Is the national large industrial enterprises, Henan province key industrial enterprises and comprehensive strength of 100. Leading products ionic membrane caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride resin, the largest scale of China national chemical corporation chlor-alkali chemical enterprises.

Solve Problems

1. Strictly implement the patrol plan and system, reasonably allocate manpower and material resources.
2. Strengthen security and hidden dangers screening of key posts, ensure proper disposal in accordance with relevant regulations in case of accidents, and minimize the losses caused by accidents and disasters.
3. Do a good job in the maintenance of production equipment and safety facilities, and conduct a regular patrol of lightning protection, automatic alarm, and other devices according to the plan to ensure that the safety facilities are in good condition.
4. JWM guard tour system replaces the traditional patrol form, which is more scientific and effective for the unified management of the security guards and can be documented to ensure that there is record to check.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8