Hangzhou Dingxin Kindergarten Guard Tour System

Location: Hangzhou Dingxin Kindergarten

Project Necessity

The education of the baby is very important. Parents want to choose a kindergarten with a good environment, sound system and responsible teachers for their children. Moreover, safety is the top priority for investigation. In order to comprehensively ensure the safety of all children in the park and standardize the work of park security, Hangzhou Dingxin kindergarten introduced the JWM patrol management system.


Kindergarten planning the whole security guards patrolling route and the patrolling according to the plan, with their checkpoint to clock in, after the completion of the work, with cable link patrolling rod and the administrative department of the computer, a key to the data uploaded to the computer, automatic generation of patrolling record form, managers can clearly see the completion of security guards work, security guards work appraised. Establish a good kindergarten patrol system, not only to prevent the occurrence of danger in time but also to shape the image of the kindergarten, fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of danger, comprehensively ensure the safety of children.

Project Introduction

Hangzhou Dingxin kindergarten is a public grade a kindergarten affiliated to the Jiangnan district education bureau. The teaching supporting rooms in the park are spacious and bright, and all the facilities are fully equipped, which are configured according to the standards of provincial first-grade kindergartens. Outdoor plastic floor to protect the safety of the kindergarten, play sand pool and play pool, large and medium-sized toys, strive to create a safe, comfortable, full of children’s fun modern quality environment.

Solve Problems

1. Make a plan for the patrol staff to conduct a quantitative assessment of the work of the patrol staff, so as to avoid people leaving their posts.
2. Security guards can ensure regular patrol in the teaching building and other monitoring dead corners through RFID patrol device, which can reduce the security accidents caused by hidden dangers.
3. For special places such as fire extinguishers and safety passageways, it is necessary to strengthen the patrol. The arrival rate of security guards can be assessed through the number of cards reads to avoid the occurrence of disasters.
4. Ensure the quality of patrol, so as to understand and find problems in time and deal with problems in time to ensure the safety of children.
5. Analyze and process the patrol information through the background software, provide useful information for the patrol staff, formulate corresponding strategies, and solve the problems in the bud and nip in the bud.
6. The patrol machine has the function of the flashlight, and the security guards do not need to wear the flashlight during the night patrol, so the work is more convenient.

Product Introduction

High-light Flashlight Security Checkpoint System