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Project Necessity

In recent years, many power plant system faults and electric shock accidents occur frequently, which makes people scared. The cause of the accident is that some managers and employees have ideological misunderstandings about safety production. At the same time, they do not pay enough attention to safety management, leading to “loopholes” in work.


In order to strengthen the safety management of the site, hengfeng power plant introduced the golden million code patrol more management system. The system sets patrol plan according to the power plant shift, equipment rotation and roving guard tour system, and sets patrol points in important positions. The professional patrol security guards carries on the time segment patrol to the different position, and carries on the patrol more point scanning, the patrol information will automatically record in the equipment, and may pass the data to transmit the computer patrol more software to carry on the data statistics and the inquiry, reduced the missing patrol and the wrong patrol phenomenon, has realized the scientific security patrol management.

Project Introduction

The company currently has a large number of advanced equipment such as automatic monitoring of the unit; Have a quality, style of excellent talent team; In the development, construction, operation and management of small and medium-sized hydropower projects, have strong professional technology and talent reserves; Having a set of scientific and complete management system and culture provides a solid guarantee for excellent performance of enterprise mission.

Solve Problems

1. It can effectively eliminate potential dangerous factors on site and ensure safe production.
2. Follow up the inspection and patrol situation in time to ensure that the patrol is in place carefully.
3. Check the equipment regularly to ensure the healthy level of the equipment.
4. Spot check the handover situation every day to ensure clear handover.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8