Guizhou Province Zhongtian Property Patrol System

Location: Guizhou Province Zhongtian Property

Project Necessity

1. Signing tools are easy to be damaged and need to be replaced regularly, with the high cost and complicated operation process.
2. Patrol area is large and manpower is limited, resulting in a vacuum in some areas and sections.
3. Neighborhood disputes caused by unexpected problems such as parking space occupation, decoration noise, and excessive drinking cannot be solved.
4. Excessive reliance on patrol personnel’s sense of responsibility, great arbitrariness in work execution, difficulty in supervision and performance evaluation, and easy to cheat.


Zhongtian city investment group, zhongtian property management company management area of more than 10 million square meters at present, management of property type covers the high-end office buildings, residential area, administrative center, exhibition center, cultural tourism real estate, public property, such as a variety of forms, is an advanced management concept, professional service of property management company. In recent years, the company has put building “smart community” in the first place and gradually replaced traditional properties. At the same time, adhering to the “standardized, process-based management means and rigorous and meticulous, the pursuit of perfect work style, to improve the quality of business, so that customers get satisfactory service” quality policy, let the property management become more scientific and intelligent.

Project Introduction

As a leading brand in the local property management industry in Guizhou province, zhongtian property management has achieved management innovation by introducing JWM Guard Tour System, and also transformed from traditional property service to the “Internet +” era, realizing scientific and modern property management methods.The security guards holds the patrol reader, arrives in the stipulation time the patrol place, reads the checkpoint with the patrol machine. The patrol will automatically record the arrival time and security guard at the location, and then connect the patrol reader to the computer through the data communication line, and upload the data to the database of the management software. The management software carries on the automatic analysis and the intelligent processing to the patrol data, thus realizes the scientific management to the patrol work. This can be very effective and perfect supervision of security guards patrol, patrolling work, without letting them have loopholes to drill, ultimately improve the quality of work, reduce the occurrence of security accidents.

Solve Problems

1. The system adopts induction card technology, wireless communication, no contact, good protection of the card, not easy to be destroyed. No need for full-time maintenance, reduce the use cost.
2. Property management personnel conduct systematic management on patrol time control through patrol software, reasonably allocate patrol forces, make clear the key time, location, route and time of patrol, and achieve continuous-time control. Patrol in place can detect and eliminate hidden danger in time.
3. Property management center through the unified management of data, reduce the manual data caused by the waste of time, put an end to data fraud, provide a scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis.

Product Introduction