Guilin University of Electronic Technology Security Patrol System

Location:Guilin University of Electronic Technology

Project Necessity

In recent years, many public security incidents have occurred in schools in China, and campus security has risen to the national height. We should strengthen security precautions, implement rectification measures, strengthen guard work, and increase patrol forces in key positions and periods. Patrol products can realize the responsibility to implement to people, find safety risks, the safety of the scientific management, to ensure the safety of the school, has been widely recognized.

Project Introduction

It is mainly used for campus patrol, preventing accidents, ensuring personal and property safety, and ensuring students’ safety and healthy during the school period. Moreover, it further strengthens the campus safety and stability and civilization construction work of the college. After orderly preliminary preparation and recruitment and selection, the college sets up a campus security and civilization inspection team. JWM Guard Tour System is used to Guard all around the clock.
At present, the school guard is jointly organized by the student work department and the security department of the vocational college, under the unified management of the security department. All members of the school guard are composed of students, and the security department is composed of external professional security personnel. At present, there are 18 posts, including 1 captain and 5 monitor. The main responsibility of the campus Guard is to assist the security department of the college to strengthen campus security and patrol. The members of the campus Guard will patrol the campus and office buildings at any time through the GPS Guard Tour System. Supervise and inspect all kinds of uncivilized phenomena on campus, turn off electric fans and lights opened in unmanned classrooms, and assist relevant departments to deal with all kinds of student emergencies.

Solve Problems

1. The combination of science and technology and personnel solves the problem of lax supervision in the traditional patrolling mode.
2. Reduce various uncivilized phenomena on campus.
3. Effectively assisted relevant departments to deal with various kinds of student emergencies, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5