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Project Necessity

1. China’s security service industry has basically formed a set of effective management methods, but some common problems in team management still exist, which is almost a kind of extensive management.
2. The quality of management also directly affects the morale of the security team, and ultimately affects the quality of service, thereby affecting their market competitiveness.


Zhongbao Hua’an Investment Management Co., Ltd is an investment and management company specializing in modern security services. The company establishes the strategic goal of “based in Shanghai, serving the whole country and going to the world”. Mainly engaged in business: civil air defense, technical defense, material defense, safety risk assessment, safety inspection, safety consultation, safety management, security engineering, etc. The industrial chain of comprehensive, specialized and “one-stop” security services has basically been formed.

Project Introduction

With the increasing number of companies engaged in the security industry and the improvement of people’s security requirements, China Baohua’an Company is changing its mode and seeking new development. Especially for security patrol, JWM guard tour management system is introduced to realize scientific management. Through the guard tour software setting patrol plan, it can be used. Let security guards patrol different locations on time according to requirements and record patrol information, so as to plan security work as a whole.

Solve Problems

1. Solve the problem of missing patrols, strengthen patrol duty, and let security guards strictly implement patrol plans and systems.
2. By setting up backstage guard tour management software and increasing patrol frequency in key areas, security and hidden danger investigation can be better completed.
3. Regular inspection of fire protection facilities in patrol sites should be carried out in strict accordance with the fire control system, and damaged fire protection facilities should be replaced in time.
4. Instead of the traditional form of check-in, B/S version of patrol management software is used to achieve unified management and maintenance of data.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5