Guard Tour System – Zhenhai Lanshan Crude Oil Commercial Reserve

Location: Zhenhai Lanshan Crude Oil Commercial Reserve

Project Necessity

1.Petroleum and petrochemical industry is a high-risk inflammable and explosive industry, so the management of safety requirements are particularly high, but because of the length of the pipeline line, it is impossible to know whether each patrol point is in place.
2.The route of the inspection site is long, so not all the places that need to be inspected can be installed, and the traditional guard tour system is very inconvenient for the route with complicated terrain.
3.If the fire facilities are not inspected for a long time, it is easy to cause safety hazards.


Zhenhai Lanshan Crude Oil Commercial Reserve is the first crude oil reserve of Sinopec and the largest crude oil commercial reserve base in China. Lanshan crude oil commercial reserve base is divided into two areas, covering an area of 1046 mu, with 38 storage tanks of 100,000 cubic meters jointly built, with a total oil storage capacity of 3.8 million cubic meters. In order to standardize the management of production safety, improve the management of production safety personnel, and improve the safety factor of production safety, JWM intelligent guard tour management system has been specially introduced.

Project Introduction

Zhenhai Lanshan Original Commercial Reserve of security personnel 20, each configuration a GPS intelligent guard tour system reader, the department patrols carrying GPS guard tour system reader, maintenance, maintenance equipment and facilities, according to the law, through patrol to prevent the safety of the operation of production facilities, at the same time, through GPRS mode, handheld GPS guard tour system reader can transmit the patrol path information to the management center, to achieve the purpose of scientific management.

Solve Problems

1.Patrol management system, indeed solve the patrol personnel patrol arrival rate.
2.Simple operation, no need to spend a lot of time training, easy to upload data.
3.Patrol data is safe and reliable, improving the efficiency of safe production.
4.Make the patrol work truly institutionalized by means of informatization, make patrol assessment scientific, and make patrol information informationized and systematic, so as to improve the overall management level.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000PH6