Guard Tour System - Zhejiang Yuhuan City For the People Service Center

Location: Zhejiang Yuhuan City For the People Service Center

Project Necessity

  • 1. Safety channel and other position patrol is not in accordance with the provisions, there are hidden safety.
  • 2. Traditional patrols are bad for management, and the ordinary patrol cannot play an assessment role. It is difficult to collect the management data of each department, and it is not easy to find the patrol data.
  • 3. The management personnel cannot guarantee the quality of the security patrol, and cannot know whether the security guard patrols according to the requirements, whether the patrol is missing or not.


In order to strengthen the safety of the Zhejiang Yuhuan City For the People Service Center office building management and service center to introduce JWM guard tour patrol management system, through this system to make the security guards patrol management measures according to the rules of office space in the office building and office building surrounding areas designated patrol regularly, in order to discover hidden trouble and solve in time, this way of patrol greatly increased security for the people service center, the security personnel to patrol work for effective supervision and management. 

Project Introduction

Before for the people service center is to rely on the consciousness of the security guard to patrol, part of the security guards with their own experience to patrol record fraud, patrol when lazy, destroy the sign in tools and so on, caused a lot of trouble to the management personnel. In the management of the increase in difficulty, but also let the office building there is a great security risks. After a long – term investigation and trial, the introduction of JWM guard tour patrol management system. Management personnel can automatically process, analyze, statistics, make reports and so on through the background guard tour system software. Improve work efficiency, at the same time to provide managers with a scientific and accurate patrol information and inquiry basis.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Solve the problem of over-reliance on the responsibility of security personnel, difficulty in supervision and performance evaluation, and vulnerability to fraud.
  • 2. Management personnel can make patrol plans, define patrol routes and patrol personnel through the background guard tour patrol software management. Centralized management of personnel inside and outside the office building has been realized, which greatly improves the patrol efficiency.
  • 3. Through the unified management of data, reduce the time waste caused by manual data sorting, and eliminate data fraud.
  • 4. Ensure that security personnel regularly patrol the property infrastructure and fire fighting equipment, and timely deal with anomalies or emergencies found in the detection logic to prevent the expansion of hazards.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S