Guard Tour System – Zhejiang Exeng Chemical Co., LTD

Location: Zhejiang Exeng Chemical Co., LTD

Project Necessity:

1. Chemical industry is a high-risk industry, patrol personnel missed patrol is likely to produce huge hidden danger.
2. Traditional patrolling requires handwritten records, which are troublesome, easy to cheat and cannot be kept for a long time.
3. The complex environment of the factory makes it impossible to install QR code patrol points outside, which is easy to be damaged and increases the cost.


Zhejiang Exeng Chemical Co. LTD is a high-tech private enterprise specialized in the development, production and trade of fluorine chemical products. Currently, it is one of the enterprises with large scale of CFC substitute production in China. In order to ensure production safety and improve safety awareness, Zhejiang Exeng Chemical Co., LTD introduced JWM intelligent guard patrol system and established an effective inspection mechanism.

Project Introduction:

First need to customize the most suitable for the company according to the company guard tour system APP, then patrol according to the need to focus on the location of the installation QR checkpoints or GPS coordinates by way of management center of the input, and inputting patrol personnel and need time to patrol, patrol APP will automatically drawn into a patrol plan, patrol path map. Patrol officers only need to patrol according to the patrol plan or electronic map. The guard tour patrol APP will draw patrol records based on the patrol information automatically uploaded during the patrol for managers to view. The patrol records are accurate and clear.

Solve Problems:

1. The situation of hidden trouble and serious danger caused by patrol personnel’s omission was solved.
2. It solves the problem that the traditional handwritten patrol method is troublesome, easy to cheat and cannot be kept for a long time.
3. Solved the complex factory environment, outdoor can not install QR checkpoint, easy to be damaged, increase the cost of the situation.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol