Guard Tour System-Yunxiao County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Location: Yunxiao County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital


Project Necessity:

1. The night security guards are not efficient in patrolling, and the safety of the hospital cannot be guaranteed. 

2. The hospital needs to check the fire equipment and other safety facilities regularly, and the security always forgets to check. 

3. The equipment in the hospital building is often damaged, and the failure of security personnel to patrol in time may cause greater hidden dangers.


Yunxiao County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhangzhou City is a second-class hospital. It is responsible for the rescue of emergency and critical patients with a population of 400,000 in Yunxiao County and the county’s medical, teaching, and scientific research tasks. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the hospital, ensure the health of medical staff and patients, safety of life and property, and normal medical order, Yunxiao County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine decided to apply the JWM Electronic Guard Tour Patrol System to protect the safety of the hospital. 


Project Introduction:

The use of guard tour system reader by security guards is an important measure for on-site safety management in hospitals. The administrator sets the patrol time and designates security personnel through the electronic guard tour patrol system. Through the patrol plan formulated by the system, the security guards go to each checkpoint to read the card on time, understand the situation of each position in time, and report and deal with problems in time. After the patrol, the security personnel upload the data in the guard tour system reader to the patrol system, and the system automatically draws a patrol report for the manager to view.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that the hospital night shift security patrol was not in place. 

2. Solved the situation where security guards often forget to check safety facilities regularly. 

3. Solve the situation that hospital equipment is often damaged and cannot be found in time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V8