Guard Tour System-Yishan Golf Club

Location: Yishan Golf Club

Project Necessity

The business scope of the golf club is foreign-related areas and activity venues, with a wide range of service objects and a high class. The customers served by the golf club all have a certain influence in the society, so the security service must have a higher star level and strict management, in order to make the customer service feel “at home”.


Security is the main force to protect the safety of guests, facilities, and property of the club and plays an important role in maintaining the normal operation of the club and the safety of the environment. In order to ensure the safety and stability of all departments and places of the club, the Yishan golf club introduces the JWM guard patrol management system, which can scientifically improve the quality of security work and reduce the phenomenon of “missing patrol, wrong patrol, and missing patrol”. At the same time, security guards can be effectively centralized management, mobilize the enthusiasm of security guards.

Project Introduction

Yishan golf club is located in the highest peak in the eastern suburbs of Wuhan, with a total area of 1330 mu. It is designed as an 18-hole, 72-shot golf club, which pays tribute to the flower garden style golf course in the golden age of American golf in the 1920s. The club is rated as the best Golf club in the world from 2013 to 2014 by American Golf Inc. Magazine. It is a Golf club with excellent location, large scale, high grade and complete functions in the central region.

Solve Problems

1. Carry out background management through the JWM guard patrol system, set up patrol responsibility area and place patrol points within the area, set up patrol plan strictly according to the patrol system, and ensure the all-directional safety supervision of the club 24 hours a day.
2. The patrol can strengthen the observation of the environment, maintain the public order in the patrol responsibility area, eliminate the hidden danger in the bud and prevent it in the bud.
3. The patrol can strengthen the protection of important guests, enhance vigilance, and timely deal with suspicious situations and personnel.
4. Strengthen the patrol of the warehouse, electric room, kitchen and other important parts, and timely and properly deal with suspects and things found.
5. Regularly check the fire fighting system and equipment of the club as required, maintain their normal use, record the damaged equipment and replace it in time.

Product Introduction

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