Guard Tour System - Yichun Forestry Bureau

Location:Yichun Forestry Bureau


Project Necessity:

1. Due to the huge forest area, the patrol personnel are not fixed for each patrol location and patrol route, resulting in incomplete patrols. 

2. There are many places patrolled by patrol personnel every day, and there is no way to record and upload them immediately if they encounter problems during patrol. 

3. Patrol personnel patrol many places every day, so they encounter more problems. It takes too long to record patrols and the paper records are not detailed.


Yichun City, Heilongjiang, is an important eco-tourism city in the north of my country and a central city in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province. It has the world’s largest red pine forest. In order to protect the virgin forest area of Yichun, the Yichun Forestry Bureau adopts the JWM guard patrol system to protect the safety of patrol personnel and the forest.


Project Introduction:

The Yichun Forestry Bureau finally chose JWM GPS guard tour patrol system to protect safety. The Dr. J 6 guard tour patrol system reader is simple and efficient to use, combining with forestry needs to customize patrol APP. The person in charge will place checkpoints or collect GPS latitude and longitude coordinates at the location that needs to be patrolled, and record the personnel in charge, patrol time, and cycle into the guard tour GPS patrol system and set a patrol plan and patrol track at the same time. Patrol personnel only need to hold the guard tour system reader to patrol according to the plan. When encountering problems, they can use the guard tour system reader to take photos or voice. The patrol information will be uploaded to the guard tour GPS patrol system. The person in charge can check it at any time, and the patrol situation is clear at a glance.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem of missing patrol due to the large coverage area, and avoid hidden dangers caused by human error. 

2. Solved the delay of ordinary patrol information recording. 

3. It replaces the cumbersome and difficult-to-save situation of paper patrol records. 

4. Through the combination of patrol track and electronic map, the patrol efficiency of patrol personnel is higher.

Product Introduction: