Guard Tour System - Yangqu County Forest Protection

Location:Yangqu County Forest Protection


Project Necessity:

1. The sign-in tool is easily damaged and needs to be replaced regularly, the cost is high and the operation process is complicated.
2. Excessive reliance on the sense of responsibility of patrol personnel, the execution of work is arbitrary, it is difficult to monitor and performance evaluation, and it is easy to fake.
3. In case of emergency, the notification cannot be issued immediately, which may cause safety hazards and lead to accidents.


Yangqu County is rich in natural resources, with broad forest land and barren hills and pasture slopes. The suitable forest area in Yangqu County is 1,753,700 acres, which is a large area and has always been a key patrol target. In order to comprehensively strengthen forest management and protection and improve the management capabilities of public welfare forest projects, Yangqu County introduced the JWM guard tour patrol system to further improve the management and protection system, achieving a win-win goal of resource protection and poverty alleviation and income increase.


Project Introduction:

“Code Cloud” cloud guard patrol management system, with cloud computing, cloud storage, and big data technology as the core, relying on the Internet as a basic platform guard tour patrol management system. According to the characteristics of the pharmaceutical factory, checkpoints should be installed at locations that need to be patrolled, hidden safety hazards, and surveillance blind spots. Patrol personnel hold guard tour patrol system reader to the checkpoint to collect information, and the system will automatically record the exact time and place name of the location where the patrol personnel go. Through GPRS/3G wireless communication, patrol information is sent to the cloud platform in real time. In addition to using the computer, the administrator can also view the patrol information of patrol personnel anytime and anywhere through mobile APPs such as mobile phones, tablets, or WeChat push.

Solve Problems:

1. Managers manage through the background guard tour patrol system software to formulate patrol plans, define patrol routes and patrol personnel, etc., which solves the problems of forestry patrol personnel, complex routes and difficulty in planning. 

2. Through the unified management of data, reduce the time waste caused by manual data sorting, improve work efficiency, eliminate data fraud, and prevent data damage or loss. 

3. Improve the quality of patrols and the intensity of inspections, and deal with current problems in a timely manner, reducing potential safety hazards. 

4. Through the guard tour patrol system, analyze the patrol information, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve the problem in the bud, and take precautions. 

Product Introduction: