Guard Tour System-Yanda International Hospital

Location: Yanda International Hospital

Project Necessity

Hospital safety management includes general safety management and medical safety management, medical safety management is the core of hospital management, general safety management is to ensure that medical staff in the provision of medical services and patients and their families in the process of receiving services, not affected by the hospital internal adverse factors and harm. However, the hospital is an open place with large turnover, which is easy to provide opportunities for criminals. Therefore, it has high requirements for security, strict management, and strong professionalism.


In order to strengthen the general safety management of the hospital, Yanda hospital has introduced the JWM guard tour management system. Through this system, hospital security guards are encouraged to conduct regular and fixed patrols on the facilities and surrounding areas of the building according to the system, so as to find hidden dangers and solve them in time. This patrol method can greatly strengthen the safety of the hospital, and effectively supervise and manage the patrol work of security guards.

Project Introduction

Yanda international hospital was established in 2008, covering the functions of medicine, education, research, health, and care. It is located in Yan Jiao, east of Beijing, and a key development project in Hebei province. Hebei Yanda hospital in health city is a large-scale three-level non-profit general hospital designed and built according to the national three-level first-class standard. It is the affiliated hospital of Hebei medical university, with a construction area of 520,000 square meters.

Solve Problems

1. The management personnel managed the JWM patrol software, made the patrol plan, and realized the unified management of personnel in the working area of the hospital and the hospital, which greatly improved the patrol efficiency.
2. Reduce the waste of time caused by manual data processing through unified data management.
3. The management center conducts real-time patrol and review of security guards’ patrol route, evaluates the work performance of security guards, and reduces the phenomenon of staff leaving their posts due to laziness and also reduces the negligence of patrol.
4. Ensure the smooth flow of all areas and fire control passageways, timely clean up the illegal items, and timely deal with hidden dangers or problems.
5. It can deal with emergencies in time, ensure the safety of the medical site, and provide a safe environment for patients and their families.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S