Guard Tour System - Xinyang City Library

Location:Xinyang City Library


Project Necessity:

1. Once a paper item catches a fire, it is difficult to extinguish it, but fire-fighting equipment is often out of date or damaged and cannot be used because it has not been inspected for too long.
2. Due to the dense terrain and many routes of the library, daily patrols are complicated, resulting in negative work of patrol personnel, negligence of duty, and frequent omissions or non-patrols.
3. After the library is closed, due to the large number of houses and wide terrain, it is often forgotten to turn off the lights, windows, water and electricity, etc., resulting in unnecessary waste of resources.


The Xinyang City Library has a building area of 13,000 square meters, an existing collection of 300,000 books, and the establishment of 500 network nodes. It will play an important role in advocating reading for all, building a scholarly city, and building a learning society. In order to ensure safety, Xinyang City Library adopts JWM guard tour patrol system. JWM guard tour system provides strong security support for Yuetan Yaji Art Club to ensure the safety of objects and personnel.


Project Introduction:

JWM Electronic Guard Tour Patrol System will draw a patrol plan based on the patrol location designed by the administrator in advance. First, you need to install checkpoints in all the locations that need to be patrolled, and then use the guard tour system reader to read each point. The guard tour patrol system reader will record the data of the checkpoint, and then connect the guard tour system reader to the computer through the data cable. Upload the data to the electronic guard tour patrol system, and at the same time program the names of all patrol personnel, the time and period of patrol required into the electronic guard tour patrol system, the guard tour patrol system will make all the entered information into a patrol plan according to the route , Security personnel only need to make more patrol plans, upload the data after the patrol, and the electronic guard tour patrol system brakes to draw the patrol report. The patrol record is clear, accurate and clear.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the problem that the fire-fighting equipment in the museum forgot to check for a long time, which caused the equipment to expire or damage.
2. Solve the situation that the security personnel cannot know about the security personnel due to their negative work and negligence of duty.
3. It solves the hidden dangers and waste of resources caused by frequent shutdown of water and electricity after closing.
4. Rugged body, industrial-grade design, reduce damage rate and avoid redundant costs caused by multiple repairs.

Product Introduction: