Guard Tour System - Xilin Gol League Psychiatric Hospital

Location: Xilin Gol League Psychiatric Hospital


Project Necessity:

1. Due to the particularity of its patients, the psychiatric hospital not only has a higher incidence of accidents than ordinary hospitals, but also a higher degree of risk, which may lead to serious consequences.

2. The hospital administrator cannot know whether the medical staff rounds the ward on time, and if there is any missed inspection that day. 

3. The hospital has a large daily flow of people, and the security guards need to patrol the various locations of the hospital frequently, but the administrator cannot effectively supervise the security patrol. 

4. Although traditional guard tour patrol system reader can record the patrols of medical staff and security guards, it cannot avoid the lazy behavior of staff finding someone to patrol on their behalf.


The Xilin Gol League Mental Health Center is the only mental health specialist hospital in the Xilin Gol League that integrates mental illness medical treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, psychological consultation and treatment. It is responsible for nearly 13,000 people in the 13 counties, cities, and districts of the League. Treatment and rehabilitation tasks for disease patients. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the hospital, ensure the health of medical staff and patients, safety of life and property, and normal medical order, Xilin Gol League Psychiatric Hospital decided to apply the JWM Electronic Guard Tour Patrol System to protect the safety of the hospital. 

Project Introduction:

Through this guard tour system, the hospital security patrol personnel are encouraged to patrol the hospital area at fixed times and points according to the system, so as to find hidden dangers and solve them in time, such as self-injury, suicide, wounding, destruction, arson, choking, drug poisoning, escape , Fall injuries, etc., focus on patrols at key times (midnight, morning, dining, lunch break), and do a good job in safety management and handover-shift work. This patrol method can greatly strengthen the safety work of the hospital, and effectively supervise and manage the security patrol work of the security

Solve Problems:

1. Managers manage through the background guard tour patrol system software, formulate patrol plans, define patrol routes and security patrol personnel. The unified management of personnel in the hospital work area and the hospital has greatly improved the efficiency of security patrols; through the unified management of data, the waste of time caused by manual data sorting is reduced. 

2. The management center monitors and reviews the patrol routes of security patrol personnel in real time, and evaluates the work performance of security patrol personnel. Through centralized management, it reduces the phenomenon of people leaving their posts and leaving their posts due to laziness, and also reduces negligence and omissions. 

3. Ensure the unblocked flow of all areas and fire-fighting passages, timely clean up illegal and misplaced items, and deal with hidden dangers or problems in time. 

4. It can handle emergencies in time, ensure the safety of the medical care site, and provide patients and their families with a safe medical environment.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S