Guard Tour System - Xi'an Telecommunications Bureau

Location:Xi’an Telecommunications Bureau


Project Necessity:

1. Due to the wide distribution of circuits and long lines, the manager cannot guarantee whether the patrol personnel are in place or whether there will be missed patrols and wrong patrols. 

2. It is difficult to installcheckpoints for outdoor patrols, and it is easy to be lost and damaged by weather, man-made and other reasons, which increases the cost of use. 

3. The traditional handwritten paper patrol report is troublesome to record, and it is easy to lose, not easy to find and save, and the manager cannot judge whether the patrol is false.


Xi’an Telecommunications Bureau is located in Xi’an, and mainly operates telecommunications services, postal services, and postal services. In order to ensure the security of the communication line of the Telecommunications Bureau, Xi’an Telecommunications Bureau introduced the JWM guard tour patrol system to maintain the safety of the communication line and ensure the safety of personnel and the soundness of facilities.


Project Introduction:

According to the distribution of the route and the key locations that need to be checked, the manager installs checkpoints after reaching each target location or locates them through the coordinate collection function of the Polaris 5 guard tour patrol reader, and enters the name of each location, patrol personnel, and patrol time into the GPS In the patrol system, the system will automatically make a patrol plan based on this information and the GIS electronic map system. When patrolling, patrol personnel hold patrol equipment to patrol various locations according to the patrol plan. When passing the coordinate point, only the coordinate position can be successfully sensed. The patrol record can be uploaded in real time to the system, and the GPS guard tour patrol system will automatically draw all the information into patrols. With reports and patrol tracks, managers can view the patrol situation more clearly, and abnormal records will be specially marked, so the patrol situation is clear at a glance.

Solve Problems:

1. It solves the hidden dangers caused by the administrator’s inability to know whether the patrol personnel missed the patrol. 

2. Solved the problem of installing patrol points outdoors or in crowded locations that are easily affected by weather or man-made damage. 

3. Solved the situation that traditional handwritten check-in and patrol records are easy to be false and cannot be evaluated. 

Product Introduction: