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Xiamen Public Transport Group

Project Necessity

With the increase of per capita income, the increasing number of private cars and the inflow of non-local population, traffic congestion in Xiamen has become increasingly serious. Bus speed in the morning rush hour reduction, efficiency is not high, at the same time many traffic accidents are mainly due to the driver speeding, zebra crossing did not slow down yield caused. How to control the driving speed of the driver through management, make the driver drive smoothly, and form a good driving habit of deceleration before the zebra crossing, is a difficult problem of safety management.


In order to solve the problem of urban traffic and provide people with a comfortable and orderly public transportation environment, the Xiamen public transport group introduced the JWM guard patrol management system to improve safety management and solve the problem. The system is composed of intelligent management software, GPS positioning technology, and wireless communication technology, which can realize the electronic production and scheduling management of the public transportation system and change the traditional mode and means of urban public transportation management. It can not only improve the safety management of buses and the work efficiency of bus drivers but also improve the information level of bus dispatching. To realize the bus information service fast and diversified, improve the environment for residents to travel, improve the overall image of the city.

Project Introduction

Xiamen public transport group is the largest road transport enterprise in Fujian province. The group adheres to the enterprise spirit of “dedication, self-improvement, service, and efficiency”, implements the priority development strategy of public transport, steadily promotes the enterprise reform, and keeps growing. Is the city’s state-owned public transport backbone enterprises, is the largest road transport enterprises in Fujian province.

Solve Problems

  • 1. JWM guard tour system effectively supervised the daily patrol work of the staff and reduced the phenomenon of late arrival and early departure. The management of patrol personnel has been put into practice with scientific methods. 
  • 2. The staff can patrol the facilities in vehicles and fire fighting equipment as required to ensure the good operation of all kinds of facilities. 
  • 3. The staff shall manage the parking of hazardous chemical transport vehicles in accordance with regulations to prevent illegal parking of large vehicles and timely adjust to ensure smooth traffic flow according to traffic flow and passenger flow. 
  • 4. Patrol according to regulations can deal with various emergencies in time, reduce the incidence of crime and reduce property losses. 

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+