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Project Necessity:

1. During the period of high traffic frequency in the station, the bus in the station is not smooth to leave the station, often due to the random parking of the vehicles, which leads to the departure of the station. 

2. A large number of fire-fighting facilities are installed everywhere in the station. Due to the large number, patrol personnel often forget to check, resulting in a large number of fire-fighting facilities expired or damaged. 

3. At each bus stop, it is necessary to check the parking place and stop sign of the vehicle. The installation checkpoint is easy to be damaged by humans, which increases the cost.


In order to better improve the safety prevention and control capabilities of the grain reserve and upgrade the original safety management system, Xiamen Haicang Grain Reserve Management Co., Ltd. introduced the JWM Guard Tour Patrol Management System to supervise and manage the patrol personnel. The establishment of a post responsibility system through the patrol plan and the implementation of a 24-hour duty system have not only improved the actual hidden hazard investigation and management system of the enterprise, but also improved the custodian’s awareness of information prevention and protection of grain, and ensured the safety of stored grain.


Project Introduction:

According to the actual situation, the manager installs checkpoints at the positions that need to be patrolled every day, and records the checkpoint information through the guard tour system patrol reader and checkpoint reading, and at the same time, the information of the patrol personnel and the patrol time is entered into the electronic guard tour patrol system at the same time, and the electronic guard tour patrol system will automatically draw the information into a patrol plan. During the daily patrol, the patrol personnel only need to hold the guard tour patrol system reader to read the card at each checkpoint according to the patrol plan, and deal with the problem in time. After the patrol is over, link the guard tour patrol system reader with the computer through the data cable, and upload the information to the system to draw a patrol table for the manager to view. The patrol records are accurate and clear at a glance.

Solve Problems:

1. It solves the hidden dangers caused by the administrator’s inability to know whether the patrol personnel missed the patrol. 

2. Develop patrol personnel, time, tasks, and patrol plans, and quantify the work of security personnel to avoid leaving or leaving their posts. 

3. Solved the situation that traditional handwritten check-in and patrol records are easy to be false and cannot be evaluated. 

Product Introduction: