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Project Necessity:

1. The warehouse often has over-stocked inventory and flammable items stacked around it. There is no immediate investigation and major safety accidents are prone to occur. 

2. The general patrol system requires patrol officers to upload the data after all patrols are completed, and the administrator cannot receive the data in the first time. 

3. The traditional handwritten registration report is troublesome to record, cannot make accurate and true assessment results, and cannot improve the security patrol awareness of patrolmen.


In order to better improve the security prevention and control capabilities of the grain reserve and upgrade the original security management system, Xiamen Haicang Grain Reserve Management Co., Ltd. introduced the JWM guard tour patrol management system to supervise and manage patrol personnel. It is planned to establish a post responsibility system and implement a 24-hour duty system, which not only improves the actual hidden danger investigation and management system of the enterprise, but also improves the awareness of the custodians to prevent information and ensure the safety of grains in stock. 

Project Introduction:

In order to ensure the safety of the warehouse, a set of safety patrol system integrating time, location, personnel and data has been formed through the installation of checkpoints and the design of patrol routes in important areas of the warehouse. It can realize the electronic management of the warehouse staff, so that the warehouse staff can patrol as required, and ensure the safety and integrity of the inventory through on-time patrol. At the same time, the equipment in the warehouse can be maintained on time and emergency management and emergency response can be carried out to ensure the warehouse. The timely handling of emergencies ensures the smooth delivery of inventory.

Solve Problems:

1. Develop patrol personnel, time, tasks, and patrol plans, and quantify the work of security personnel to avoid leaving or leaving their posts. 

2. Patrolling as required can improve the safety awareness of patrol personnel, and can promptly eliminate whether there are cracks in the wall structure, whether there is leakage in the roof structure, and the moisture-proof state of the ground, so as to eliminate the hidden danger of water leakage as soon as possible. 

3. Strengthen daily management and inspections, and implement safety precautions for equipment, especially video surveillance in the reservoir area, generator sets, fire pressurized pumps, emergency equipment and supplies, and operation conveyor belts for key inspections to prevent serious violations such as smoking in the reservoir area phenomenon. 

4. It is a great shock to people with unpredictable minds. The combination of technical defense and civil defense makes the enterprise’s fire safety work more formal. 

Product Introduction: