Guard Tour System - Xiamen Bus Group

Location: Xiamen Bus Group

Project Necessity

With the increase of per capita income, the increase of private cars and the continuous inflow of non-local population, traffic congestion in Xiamen has become increasingly serious. Bus speed is reduced in the morning rush hour, the efficiency is not high, at the same time, many traffic accidents are mainly due to the driver speeding, zebra crossing did not slow down comity caused. How to control the driver’s speed through management, so that the driver smooth driving, and form a zebra crossing before the good driving habits, is a problem of safety management.


Xiamen Bus Group Co., Ltd was established in June 2006, and in July 2014, Xiamen Public Transport Station Co., Ltd was incorporated into the bus group. Group company carefully summarize production operation management, safety and civilized service characteristic point and basic experience, around the beautiful Xiamen jointly created this practice carrier, build form a complete set of cohesion, and effective enterprise culture system, guide the broad masses of workers and all the people work together for warmth bus, advocate green travel. JWM guard tour patrol system ensure the safe operation of Xiamen Bus Group, for the bus group a strong security guarantee.

Project Introduction

In order to solve the situation that the city traffic is overwhelmed, and to provide people with a comfortable and orderly public transport environment, Xiamen Bus Group introduced the JWM guard tour patrol system to improve safety management and solve management problems. The system is composed of intelligent guard tour management software, GPS positioning technology, geographic information technology, wireless communication and other technologies, which can realize informationization, automation, electronization and paperless office of production and dispatching management of public transport system, and change the traditional management mode and means of public transport in the city. It can not only improve the safety management of buses and the working efficiency of drivers, but also improve the level of bus dispatching informatization. To realize the bus information service fast and diversified, improve the residents travel environment, improve the overall image of the city.

Solve Problems

  • 1. The GPS guard tour system reader on the dispatching vehicle can collect GPS position information in real time and transmit the information to the system platform through the network, so that the location of each dispatching vehicle can be checked in real time.
  • 2. Alarm for driving away from the designated area: the system divides the inside and outside of the island. If the transferred vehicle enters the non-jurisdiction area, the platform will give an alarm and the alarm record can be checked.
  • 3. The driver can check in, check out and return through the equipment, and the dispatcher can make statistics on the driver’s attendance through the background, which is convenient for centralized management.
  • 4. The terminal equipment of the vehicle can be bound with the vehicle number, and the information can be matched according to: station – area – vehicle – driver.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000PH6