Guard Tour System-Wuyuan Huangling Scenic Spot

Location: Wuyuan huangling scenic spot

Project Necessity

1. Violation of public property, such as stealing items in scenic spots and damaging public cultural relics and facilities; Stealing, robbing, and swindling tourists.
2. Equipment safety accidents caused by cable car and ropeway malfunction occurred when tourists took the cable car.
3. With dense vegetation around the village, tourists throw cigarette butts in the scenic area, which is easy to cause an artificial fire.
4. Food safety accidents may occur when tourists eat and buy food in the scenic area. There is a hidden danger of the stampede. Holiday tourists are very many, village road traffic is not developed, easy to cause safety accidents due to congestion.


With the rapid development of tourism, tourism has become a strategic pillar industry of the national economy. With more and more tourists, the safety of tourist attractions is more and more important. In order to ensure the security of scenic spots, tourists and equipment safety, tourism scenic spots, there are key areas of safety patrol and routine equipment maintenance patrol work. The application of the electronic patrol management system is of double significance to the security and reliability of the scenic spot. It can stop the security and hidden trouble or check the safe operation of the equipment in time, and improve the quality of guard tour. If there is an emergency, the security guards can solve the emergency on the scene in time. It realizes the electronic management of the scenic spot manual patrol, and it is also an important tool for the scenic spot to implement the quantification and dynamic management of the internal staff as the management unit.

Project Introduction

Wuyuan huangling scenic spot, located in shier mountain range with an area of 15 square kilometers, is a typical mountain village. The folk dwellings are arranged in fan-shaped ladder-shaped around shuikou, which is praised as “the most beautiful village in the world” by netizens. Every time when the sun rises and the morning light is reflected, the earthen brick outer wall of the emblazoned folk dwellings in the whole mountain is combined with the colorful harvest fruits on the eaves to show the unique agricultural landscape of “sunning autumn” in the world. It can be said that huangling ancient village is not only a favourite of nature, but also a masterpiece of humanity, and a piece of jade left behind by the creator.

Solve Problems

1. The information and data collection of the staff can be completed by setting the name, time, task and patrol plan of the staff through the management center. Conduct quantitative assessment on the work of the security guards to prevent anyone from leaving the post or leaving the post.
2. Through the Guard Tour System, the staff can ensure timely patrol in the scenic area according to the position, eliminate security loopholes, reduce the incidence of accidents, and reduce the incidence of theft and robbery.
3. To ensure the quality of patrol, problems existing in the scenic area can be timely understood and found, and various problems can be solved as soon as possible to avoid the expansion of the situation and the intensification of contradictions and solve the problems in the bud;
4. Return to the management center when the staff has completed their patrols. The patrol information is uploaded to the computer through the special communication block. In this process, the management personnel can make full use of the system to analyze and process the information, provide useful information for safety work, revise the work plan in time, and save the work records for inquiry.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8