Guard Tour System - Wuhan University of Light Industry

Location:Wuhan University of Light Industry


Project Necessity:

1. The campus is large and has a large number of personnel, and security personnel often miss out on patrols. 

2. The campus environment is complex, some places cannot be installed with checkpoints, or checkpoints are easily damaged by humans. 

3. After the patrol, the security personnel recorded the long time spent in the patrol report and the information was inaccurate.


Wuhan University of Light Industry is located in the capital city of Hubei Province—Wuhan City. The National Grain and Material Reserve Bureau and the People’s Government of Hubei Province jointly build a university. It is a major engineering backbone, including engineering, management, science, literature, economics, agriculture, art, A multidisciplinary university with coordinated development of law and other disciplines.Wuhan University of Light Industry adopts scientific and high-tech patrol products — JWM GPS guard tour system, to conduct all-round patrol 24 hours a day. Prevent accidents, protect personal and property safety, and ensure the safety and health of students during school.

Wuhan University of Light Industry Patrol

Project Introduction:

In order to create a safe campus, Wuhan University of Light Industry adopted the JWM GPS guard tour system to protect and escort safety. The Polaris 5 online guard tour system reader has dual patrol modes for card reading and point picking. The manager installs the checkpoint in an indoor location that is not easily destroyed. The outdoor location needs to be collected first, and the GPS guard tour system reader records the coordinates of the location, and then manages The personnel enter the patrol location, patrol personnel, and patrol time into the management center to make a patrol plan, and a patrol track is formed between the two checkpoints. During the patrol process, patrol personnel hold guard tour system reader, arrive at each checkpoint or coordinate reading card, and then upload the data to the GPS guard tour patrol system. The patrol system will draw the patrol information into a table for management personnel to view.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that the campus is large and security personnel missed patrols. 

2. Solved the problem of complex terrain and difficult installation of checkpoints. 

3. Solved the situation of time wasted by security personnel hand-painted paper patrol reports and inaccurate information.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P5+